Disposable VTM Tube

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This product is suitbale for the collection, transportation and storage of virus sampling.

Instructions for use:

1. Before sampling, mark the relevant sample information on the label of the sampling tube.

2. Use a sampling swab to sampling at the nasopharynx up to different sampling requirements.

3. Sampling methods are below:

     a. Nasal swab: Gently insert the swab head into the nasal condyle of the nasal passage, stay for a while and then slowly turn   it  out, then immerse the swab head in the sampling solution, and discard the tail.

     b. Pharyngeal swab: Wipe the bilateral pharyngeal tonsils and posterior pharyngel wall with the swab, immerse the swab                   head  in the sampling solution, and discard the tail.

4. Quicky place the swab into the sampling tube.

5. Break the sampling swab above the sampling tube, and tighten the tube cap.

6. Freshly collected clinical specimens should be delivered to the laboratory within 2 hours at 2℃-8℃.



Storage: 5-25℃ expiration date: 24 months

Please refer to the outer box for the production date and expiration date.


Sampling Requirements:

The collected  nasopharyngeal swab samplings should be transported at  2℃-8℃. and submitted for inspection immediately. Sampling transport and storage time should be no later than 48h.


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