The so-called automatic labeling machine labeling head, generally referred to as a high degree of automation labeling equipment, mainly servo (PLC) control, a variety of functional parameters and semi-automatic labeling machine have been improved.

Labeling speed

(1) The semi-automatic labeling machine generally adopts the (stepping) system to control the labeling head, and the labeling speed is 20-45 pieces per minute. The automatic labeling machine is controlled by a (servo) system with a speed of 40-200 pieces per minute. Different efficiency, the yield is different naturally.

Labeling accuracy

(2) The process of semi-automatic labeling machine labeling head generally needs to be carried out with handheld products, with a large error range and difficulty in controlling the accuracy. And the automatic labeling machine adopts standardized pipeline labeling, automatic separation space, labeling accuracy of 1mm.

Purpose of labeling

(3) Most of the semi-automatic labeling machine labeling head, labeling products are limited, without the special parts can only be used in a single machine, so it is mainly used in small workshop manufacturers. The automatic labeling machine is different, the equipment has a wide range of functions, which can be used in different specifications and sizes of products in the same industry, and label in different positions.

The device is equipped with a precise labeling head, which can flexibly rotate labels on X, Y and Z axes. When labeling, the conveying chain belt of the packaging production line is used as the working table, and the products delivered are labeled by the precise electric eye detection position. Accuracy is ±1 mm. The equipment has the function of no labeling and automatic calibration without labeling.

In general, labeling manipulator equipment can be affixed to various products of the plane, arc and other positions. Other labeling positions of the labeling head can be adjusted according to the requirements of users, and corresponding equipment can be added and assembled to achieve different labeling operations.

Post time: Jun-12-2020