• Butterfly Blood Collection Needles

    Butterfly Blood Collection Needles

    According to connection type, The disposable venous blood collection needle can be classified to Pen-type and soft-connection blood needles. Butterfly needles is a king od soft-connection blood needles. A blood collection needle used for collecting blood samples during medical testing is composed of a needle and a needle bar.
  • Pen Type Blood Collection Needles

    Pen Type Blood Collection Needles

    The product is composed of a protective sleeve, a blood collection needle tube, a needle handle, a hose, a blood collection needle seat, a puncture needle seat, a puncture needle tube, and a hemostatic protective cap. Used to collect blood for testing, usually used together with vacuum tube. Latex free, Multi-sample needles permit several samples to be taken with a single puncture, Sharp&smooth edges make penetration painless, easy connection to rubber stoppers.