• Inactivated Viral Transport Media Tube

    Inactivated Viral Transport Media Tube

    Product Name: Inactivated Viral Transport Media Tube
    Reagent Color: Colorless and transparent
    Tube Size: 16*100 mm
    Reagent Volume: 2~3 ml
    Scope of application: This product is suitable for the collection, transportation and storage of virus sampling.
    Inactivated preservation solution: mainly virus lysis preservation solution modified by nucleic acid extraction lysis solution. Containing a high concentration of guanidine salt during sampling can effectively inactivate the virus, which can effectively prevent the operator from secondary infection, but it also contains Rnase inhibitor, which can protect the virus nucleic acid from degradation, so that subsequent detection by NT-PCR . Moreover, it can be stored at room temperature for a relatively long time, saving the cost of virus sample storage and transportation.