• Plain Tube

    Plain Tube

    Serum tube separates serum via the normal process of blood coagulation and serum can be further used after centrifugation. Serum tube is mainly used in serum tests such as serum biochemical analysis (liver function, renal function, myocardial enzymes, amylase,etc.),electrolyte analysis(serum potassium, sodium, chloride, calcium, phosphorus, etc.), thyroid function, AIDS, tumor markers and serology, drug testing, etc.
  • Heparin Sodium/ Lithium Tube

    Heparin Sodium/ Lithium Tube

    The inner wall of the blood collection tube is uniformly sprayed with heparin sodium or lithium heparin, which can quickly act on blood samples, so that high-quality plasma can be quickly obtained. In addition to the characteristics of heparin sodium,lithium heparin also has no interference with all ions including sodium ions, so it can also be used for the detection of trace elements.
  • Pen Type Blood Collection Needles

    Pen Type Blood Collection Needles

    The product is composed of a protective sleeve, a blood collection needle tube, a needle handle, a hose, a blood collection needle seat, a puncture needle seat, a puncture needle tube, and a hemostatic protective cap. Used to collect blood for testing, usually used together with vacuum tube. Latex free, Multi-sample needles permit several samples to be taken with a single puncture, Sharp&smooth edges make penetration painless, easy connection to rubber stoppers.
  • Tube Automatic Labeling System

    Tube Automatic Labeling System

    The automatic tube labeling system is mainly used in blood collection points such as hospital wards, outpatient clinics or physical examinations. It is an automated blood specimen collection system that integrates queuing, intelligent tube selection, label printing, paste and dispensing.